Benefits and Momentum

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is a national, industry-led cluster that is growing Canada’s ocean economy in a sustainable, digital, and inclusive way. Each month find updated information here on the momentum we are building in ocean and the benefits for Canadians.

Quick Facts

  • 415+ members from across Canada – view our member list here 
  • $306 million in total Ocean Supercluster funding (at least $153 million invested by industry, matched by $153 by the Government of Canada)
  • $290 million in total project value commitments to date
  • 56 projects approved
  • 36 projects announced – view projects announced here
  • 100+ new made-in-Canada ocean products, processes, and services will be developed and commercialized from projects announced to date
  • 80% of projects led by an SME who invests in the project
  • 100% of projects include at least one SME partner
  • 4,300+ direct and indirect jobs from project announced to date

Largest Segment of OSC Members is SMEs

More than 80% of OSC members that operate in the private sector are small-medium sized businesses.


We have a #StoryToTell: Hear from our Members

Hear from 12 member companies on the significance of Canada’s ocean opportunity and how Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is helping new partnerships form, bringing different ocean sectors and regions together, and accelerating both development and commercialization of ocean solutions. Access the full series of 12 episodes here.


Ocean Vision, which turned out to be the very first project approved by the Ocean Supercluster, we designed and developed and tested a new autonomous launch and recovery system. Our involvement was very much key to the growth of the company. And it allowed us to take a project, probably on our 5-6 year development road map, through the Ocean Supercluster we are able to take that and condense it to a 36 Month timeline. And, since that time, we have grown our company in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia by 42 employees”.

– Bill Donavon, Senior Program Manager, Kraken Robotics based in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador & Darmouth, Nova Scotia 

“Being a part of the Ocean Supercluster we’ve gotten to know companies that we wouldn’t have known before. Through both the connectors and some of the networking events… part of that is being able to develop new products that can help us explore the ocean better.”

– Niru Somayajula, President & CEO, Sensor Technology Ltd based in Collingwood, Ontario & Darmouth, Nova Scotia 

“I think the biggest benefit right now of the Ocean Supercluster is honestly energy around unlocking future road map(s). I think we are in this weird place in 2020 where a lot of things got parked and the Ocean Supercluster is kind of taking that parking brake off and saying hey, those things we want to do in the future to get where we want to be, lets actually look at that, let’s be serious about that. So for us, it has allowed us to go and find some amazing companies within the supercluster… By having this project in place, finding these partners we can actually pull that forward…”.

– Adam Keating, Co-Founder & CEO Colab Software based in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

“The Ocean Supercluster plays a really important role in growing Canada’s ocean economy. For us as a small company, it offers us a lot of advantages. It enables us to learn about ocean technologies… so helping to build those collaborations from west coast to east coast, fostering networks and also the opportunites for companies to come together to advance our technologies to answer some of those challenges that we have in our oceans and to grow Canada’s ocean economy. The Ocean Supercluster hosts a lot of different networking events and through those, we have made strong connections to other companies and have started to engage in discussions on how we can work together to co-develop our technologies to solve some of these challenges facing our oceans, helping our companies grow as well”.

– Julie Angus, Co-Founder & CEO Open Ocean Robotics based in Victoria, British Columbia 

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