Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announces $2.6M OceanAI Navigator ProjectAI-Integrated Fleet Management platform

(London,UK) – At Oceanology International today, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster (OSC) announced the OceanAI Navigator Project. This project is designed to help marine shipping companies optimize their fuel-emissions, maintenance and operations by creating a co-pilot for marine fleet operations. The advanced AI models will be interactive and adaptive, allowing marine engineers to feed in their insights, and operational context, ensuring more accurate and efficient results.
The OceanAI Navigator Project represents a pivotal opportunity for Canada to provide leadership in the AI landscape. By focusing on AI development within a key growth sector and also one where emissions reductions are critical to achieving net zero, this project contributes significantly to the broader AI ecosystem where marine fleet operators will gain greater agility, insight, and adaptability, bolstering their competitive edge on the global stage.

The project will be led by CORSphere Software Inc. Along with Dartmouth, NS based project partner Leeway Marine and collaborator Energy Research & Innovation Newfoundland and Labrador (ERINL). With a total project value of $2.4M, OSC will contribute $950K from its funding under the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy (PCAIS) with the balance of funding coming from project partners.

The project entails developing an AI-powered SaaS platform by CORSphere for optimizing marine fleet operations, a co-pilot to proactively assist fleet operators. This platform will seamlessly integrate with existing systems, utilizing AI to minimize fuel consumption, lower emissions, and predict maintenance needs accurately. Its interactive and adaptive AI models allow marine engineers to contribute insights and add operational context, ensuring efficiency in a continuously evolving industry.

About Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster accelerates the development and commercialization of made-in-Canada ocean solutions in energy transition, food security, future of transport, and climate change while also growing more companies, creating more jobs, and attracting ocean talent. As Canada’s national ocean cluster, the OSC is a convenor of members, partners, and networks and a catalyst for transformative growth that helps build the robust ecosystem needed to help realize Ambition 2035 – a 5X growth potential in ocean in Canada by 2035. To date, the OSC has approved more than 90 projects which will deliver more than 200 new made-in-Canada ocean products, processes, and services to sell to the world. For more information visit

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Nancy Andrews Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

About CORSphere

CORSphere aims to democratize AI across defence, marine, and industrial sectors to enhance operational efficiency. Our next-generation AI suite, featuring a unique Human-Machine-Teaming interface, transforms machinery and IoT data analysis, focusing on predictive maintenance, logistics, and operations. CORSphere aims to pave the way for organizations to use their data to leverage secure and reliable AI solutions.


“Canadian innovation is stepping up to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. The OceanAI Navigator Project has the potential to significantly impact our ocean economy. By optimizing routes and reducing fuel consumption, this initiative by Canada’s Ocean Cluster will contribute to cleaner oceans and a cleaner environment for Canadians.” – The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

“Today Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announced three new projects with a total value of almost $18 million, including the OceanAI Navigator Project. This project will deliver a solution that leverages the power of AI to act as a co-pilot to proactively assist fleet operators. Leveraging existing systems, operator insights, and AI, the solution will help minimize fuel consumption, lower emissions, and predict maintenance needs accurately in marine transportation.” – Kendra MacDonald, CEO, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

“Today marks an important milestone as we embark on this journey to work on the OceanAI Navigator, an AI co-pilot to propel the marine industry and Canada’s blue economy towards a greener future, promising enhanced efficiency and reduced environmental impact. We’re thrilled to steer this initiative towards a cleaner, more sustainable global ocean economy with our partners.” – Co-founder & CEO, CORSphere, M Sazied Hassan.