Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announces FishVue AI Platform Project Commercially Integrating AI in Fisheries Monitoring

(Montreal, Quebec) – Today, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster (OSC) announced the Fishvue AI Platform Project led by Archipelago Marine Research in Victoria, BC. The project is designed to create efficiencies and reduce costs for fishery regulators and industry members by introducing AI tools to the data review workflow. For fisheries that utilize Electronic Monitoring (EM) on-board vessels, FishVue AI will reduce data review time when compared to existing human review methods while still providing industry and fisheries regulators with high-quality data to inform their decisions. The reduction of time and costs for data review will encourage wider adoption of Electronic Monitoring (EM) in Canada and globally.

The FishVue AI Platform Project will be an important step forward in providing more effective fisheries management in Canada, leading to sustainable harvesting practices, optimized quotas, and better resource allocation. This will contribute to preserving fish stocks, support the livelihoods of fishers, and ensure the long-term viability of the fishing industry.

This project will be led by Archipelago in collaboration with Barnacle Systems Inc, the Canadian Groundfish Research and Conservation Society, the Canadian Sablefish Association, the Pacific Halibut Management Association, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and the University of Victoria. With a total project value of $581,500, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is investing $148,500 to the project from its allocation under the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy (PCAIS) Program with the balance of funding coming from project partners.

The project is also positioned to stimulate growth and foster innovation in Canada’s ocean economy through EM expansion. By deploying cutting-edge technologies, attracting investment, and supporting research and development activities, the project can drive the emergence of new business, and new job opportunities.


“Through the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, the government is pleased to support Canada’s Ocean Cluster as it drives AI solutions for Canadian ocean companies. The FishVue AI platform project, one of nine projects announced today by OSC, will help preserve fish stocks, support the livelihoods of fishers and ensure the long-term viability of the Canadian fishing industry.” – The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

“AI in ocean has the potential to help transform the way we do ocean business. Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announced the Fishvue AI Platform Project today, focused on advancing the technology and tools available to the fishery and regulators in data review. This supports more cost effective and efficient monitoring and decision-making in an industry that is part of the fabric of the economies of many Canadian communities and workers.” – Kendra MacDonald, CEO, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

“The required effort and cost for EM data review has been a challenge since the inception of EM. The longer the fishing trip and the more cameras carried by the vessel, the more hours of footage that require human review. This can mean higher costs for our clients. Large scale introduction of AI tools into the data review process is a big step forward to reduce those costs and increase the use of EM in Canada and around the world.” – Archipelago President and CEO, Gord Snell

“Archipelago has been a trusted global leader in EM data collection, data stewardship, and data analysis in fisheries for more than 20 years and we are thrilled to have the support of the OSC and our project partners to move forward with this development. Taking AI-assisted data review from a trial and testing mentality to commercial implementation across hundreds of vessels represents a huge shift in the use of AI in fisheries monitoring.” – Archipelago President and CEO, Gord Snell

About Archipelago Marine Research
Archipelago pioneered EM in the late 1990’s and have continued to be a global leader in the advancement of the technology for more than 20 years. They currently support 600+ vessels carrying their EM products. Through their data review software, FishVue Interpret (formerly EM Interpret), clients review more EM fisheries data each year than any other software tool in the world.

About Canada’s Ocean Supercluster
Canada’s Ocean Supercluster accelerates the development and commercialization of made-in-Canada ocean solutions in energy transition, food security, future of transport, and climate change while also growing more companies, creating more jobs, and attracting ocean talent. As Canada’s national ocean cluster, the OSC is a convenor of members, partners, and networks and a catalyst for transformative growth that helps build the robust ecosystem needed to help realize Ambition 2035 – a 5X growth potential in ocean in Canada by 2035. To date, the OSC has approved more than 85 projects with a total value of more than $400 million which will deliver more than 200 new made-in-Canada ocean products, processes, and services to sell to the world. For more information visit

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