Canada’s Ocean Supercluster Launches New Website and Member Portal

Connecting Virtually Has Never Been More Important
Canada’s Ocean Supercluster Launches New Website and Member Portal

Today Canada’s Ocean Supercluster (OSC) launched its new website and member portal, serving as a robust new platform for sharing information, collaborating, and advancing ocean opportunities. Ocean Supercluster members, partners, and all those who share an interest in growing Canada’s ocean economy will be able to leverage the website for regular updates and access to: the latest in news, virtual events, and announcements; information on membership and projects; Canada’s Ocean Asset Map (an evergreen ocean capabilities tool); Canada’s ocean opportunity; OSC leadership blog, and other features.

An interactive member portal has also been launched for the more than 140 OSC members across the country who will be onboarded over the course of the next couple of weeks. As we are encouraged to continue to stay safe and stay home, this provides another set of tools for OSC members to connect from coast to coast to coast. The member portal is a virtual space designed for members to connect, communicate, and work together with other members to pursue, explore, and advance new projects and opportunities. They will be able to, among other things, contribute to discussion groups, review member information including ideas, proposals, and any projects their organization is a part of, as well as post new ideas or a call for ideas to solve a particular ocean challenge or market need.

“Being able to connect virtually has never been more important,” said Kendra MacDonald, CEO Canada’s Ocean Supercluster. “We continue to work with our members and partners to support them in new ways through these unprecedented times while continuing to look to the future to achieve the kind of transformational innovation, project deployment, and economic growth we know is possible in ocean. This new platform provides the virtual tools and resources to help accelerate these opportunities.”

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster website and member portal can be found at