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World Ocean Day 2021: One Ocean, One Climate, One Future – Together

World Ocean Day 2021: One Ocean, One Climate, One Future – Together By: Kendra MacDonald, CEO, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster You may have heard me speak more than once about the momentum that’s building, the opportunity ahead, and the role we all play in the future of our ocean – this is a message worth repeating.

OSC Current April 2021 – The Potential of Seaweed – Sabrena MacKenzie, Co-Founder of SeaChange Biochemistry

The global seaweed industry is vast, diverse, and is experiencing consistent and significant growth. Within the last decade, global annual harvests of seaweed increased from 19 million metric tonnes in 2010 to 36 million metric tonnes in 2018. Although production and consumption are currently driven by countries within Asia, demand across the globe for increased seaweed consumption,

Sea Beyond OSC Current – March 2021

Sea Beyond – The Case for Ocean Literacy in Canada By Tom Paddon, CEO, Vale NL Ltd. & Baffinland Iron Mines Ltd. In thirty years of being involved in businesses that revolved around shipping and the ocean I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t care about the environment.  But having frequently straddled the arenas of

OSC Current Blog – February 2021 – Paul Lansbergen and Timothy Kennedy

The federal government has just recently launched public consultations on a Blue Economy Strategy. This has been much anticipated since it was first mentioned in Ministerial mandate letters of December 2019. We are pleased to share some thoughts for readers to consider. Our vision is for Canada’s seafood sector to be nothing less than the

OSC Current Blog – January 2021

Happy 2021!  There are many of us who breathed a collective sigh of relief as the first day of 2021 began.  While we continue to face significant challenges, there is much hope that the months ahead will start to bring greater normalcy, health and well-being, and a path to economic recovery. I am finding that

Video Blog From OSC Senior Management – November 19th, 2020

    Earlier this month marked 2 years since Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announced its contribution agreement. To mark the occasion, the senior management team provides some reflections on the journey so far.

Cybersecurity is a source of competitive advantage in our ocean sector

The pivotal event in our understanding of the urgency of prioritizing Cybersecurity is surely the attack that struck Maersk shipping in 2017. A.P. Moller-Maersk is the largest shipping company in the world. It is responsible for 20% of the world trade in containers.  Every 15 minutes on average a Maersk ship will come to port

The Hill Times – Canada’s an Ocean Nation

Bring on the narwhals, Canada!

Technology innovators and investors are no strangers to the label unicorn, which is what Silicon Valley calls small, high-growth tech companies when they reach $1-billion valuations. In Canada, those same high-growth firms are dubbed narwhals—after our ocean-dwelling unicorns. I see much enthusiasm and tremendous potential for narwhals in Canada’s ocean economy. Even with economic uncertainties

Diversity and Inclusion is our Corporate Culture

I am fortunate to call Canada home. As a Canadian, I think we often forget how inherently diverse we are as a population. I’m often telling international clients that in some of our larger cities, we can eat from a variety of cultures and for many of us – this is the new normal. But