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Bring on the narwhals, Canada!

Technology innovators and investors are no strangers to the label unicorn, which is what Silicon Valley calls small, high-growth tech companies when they reach $1-billion valuations. In Canada, those same high-growth firms are dubbed narwhals—after our ocean-dwelling unicorns. I see much enthusiasm and tremendous potential for narwhals in Canada’s ocean economy. Even with economic uncertainties

Diversity and Inclusion is our Corporate Culture

I am fortunate to call Canada home. As a Canadian, I think we often forget how inherently diverse we are as a population. I’m often telling international clients that in some of our larger cities, we can eat from a variety of cultures and for many of us – this is the new normal. But

Two-Eyed Seeing in the Ocean Economy – Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science Working Together – National Indigenous Peoples Day

Oceans are not only an important part of our lives, but our livelihood. As we look to build the ocean economy for the benefit of all Canadians, there is a balance we must achieve, a respect we must demonstrate, and a commitment to sustainability we must employ. The ocean has helped sustain us for generations.

Looking Ahead With Optimism By John Risley

To say the Atlantic Canadian economy needs a real shot in the arm now is an obvious understatement. The fishery is being hurt by low prices, the offshore oil industry by the same (and the resulting delays being announced for many capital projects) and the service industry generally all but shut down. I understand the

Weathering the storm – Staying healthy & safe amid COVID-19, and a look ahead to continued opportunities in ocean

Three weeks ago, I returned home after spending some time in British Columbia, energized with exciting ideas that would bring together our capabilities in ocean from coast to coast to coast, bringing us a step further in growing Canada’s leadership in sustainable ocean economic development. This was to be the focal point of this article

#EachforEqual – Celebrating and Empowering Women and Girls in Ocean

It’s International Women’s Day – an opportunity to reflect on the progress we’ve made to advance women’s rights around the world and time to look ahead at the incredible amount of work required to truly achieve a gender equal world.

Canada’s Focus on Ocean featured at Spain’s Transfiere Conference

Transfiere is a meeting of science, technology and innovation in Malaga, Spain. Canada was the guest country this year which means a special focus on the relationship between Spain and Canada. It also means I had the opportunity to participate in the Canadian delegation which highlighted our innovation capability and ocean technology.

Collaboration, Balance & Knowledge: Maximizing Canada’s Ocean Opportunity

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster CEO Kendra MacDonald’s latest Vlog from last week at Northern Lights 2020 in Ottawa.

Embarking on a Decade for Ocean Health and Sustainable Development

We know the ocean economy is projected to grow to $3T by 2030, and as someone who spends a lot of time focused on the ocean opportunity and Canada’s leadership in it, it is clear that achieving balance is critically important when developing our country’s greatest asset.