Ocean Supercluster Establishes Collaborative Partnership with European Leaders of Blue Energy

New Partnership to Advance Opportunities in Offshore Renewable Energy

Today, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster (OSC) and the European Leaders of Blue Energy (ELBE) Alliance announced their new, collaborative partnership to foster exchange of best practices and collaboration initiatives among their respective members in Europe and Canada on renewable ocean energy.

In their partnership, the OSC and ELBE Alliance will focus their collaborative efforts on advancing opportunities in renewable energy sources, including offshore wind, wave, and tidal energy.

Through sharing knowledge and research, the partnership sets out to support SMEs and create new market opportunities in these areas of renewable energy.

ELBE Alliance represents seven European clusters composing the Alliance: Basque Energy Cluster from Spain, Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group from Scotland, Blue Cluster from Belgium, Energy Cluster Denmark, OffshoreVäst / RISE from Sweden, Pôle Mer Mediterranée from France and GCE Node from Norway.

“As the world transitions to more renewable energy sources, it creates significant opportunity for sustainable offshore energy growth,” said Kendra MacDonald, CEO of Canada’s Ocean Supercluster. “We are excited about the potential of this partnership with the European Leaders of Blue Energy where we will work together to meet shared objectives and increase opportunities for our members in renewable energy, while also reducing carbon emissions on the path to net zero.”

“The alliance partners recognize the significant opportunities that could be developed by working closely with Canada’s Ocean Supercluster and are looking forward to collaborating on innovative ways in which to help the transition from fossil fuel dependency to a net zero future,” said Gordon McIntosh, Director of Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group on behalf of ELBE. “Over 1000 companies and organizations from across Europe comprise the makeup of the ELBE partnership and we are sure that the MOU signed today will act as a catalyst for greater interaction between Canada and our European partners.”

Important pillars of the energy transition, wind, wave, and tidal energy open opportunities to produce emission-free electricity from renewable energies and can help reduce reliance on fossil fuels to lower emissions and pollution. The partnership between the OSC and the ELBE Alliance to better position Canada and Europe in the renewable ocean energy sector.

About Canada’s Ocean Supercluster
Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is a national, industry-led transformative cluster focused on tackling the shared
challenges of ocean sectors through a collaborative program designed to accelerate the development and
commercialization of globally relevant solutions. This includes leaders in fisheries, aquaculture, offshore
resources, bioresources, transportation, marine renewables, defence, and ocean technologies who are committed to leveraging collective strengths and working together to change the way ocean business is done.

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is growing the ocean economy is a digital, sustainable, and inclusive way with more than 70 game-changing projects to date with a total project value of more than $360 million. For more
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About ELBE
The ELBE Alliance aims to contribute to positioning Europe as a world technological and industrial leader in Blue Energy and has objectives which includes signing Cooperation Agreements with relevant international associations and clusters in other countries. For more information visit www.elbealliance.eu

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