July 22, 2021

From government policies, to supply chain opportunities and innovation, four global leaders discuss the future of offshore wind.

About this event

Offshore wind is a clean energy solution. Declining costs are making it more attractive to deploy in markets that are seeking renewable energy options. About 30,000 MWs of offshore wind are being planned on the US East Coast, with other regions, such as Europe, having major ambitions to develop offshore wind’s potential.”

On July 22nd, four global leaders discuss the future of offshore wind. From government policies to supply chain opportunities and the need for innovation, join us in welcoming Elisa Obermann, Erin Donahue, Robin Lohnes, and James Ives to this month’s Ocean Connector.

Meet the speakers:

Elisa Obermann is the Executive Director of Marine Renewable Canada. She works to facilitate technology innovation in the sector by advocating for supportive policies, identifying international business development opportunities, and enhancing the capacity of the local supply chain.

Erin Daily Donahue is a Trade Commissioner responsible for defense, aerospace, and ocean technologies at the Canadian Consulate General in Boston. She provides strategic market information and market access solutions for Canadian companies looking to export, invest abroad, or develop innovation and R&D partnerships in the U.S.

Robin Lohnes is the CEO of Dominion Diving Ltd. and has decades of experience in marine services and operations, starting his career as a diver and welder in the early 90s. Dominion has earned a reputation for pushing the limits and extremes of marine innovation throughout its history.

James Ives is the founder and CEO of XOCEAN. Headquartered in Ireland, XOCEAN’s platform provides a safe, economical, and carbon-neutral solution to collecting ocean data


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International Conference on Coastal Oceanography and Hydrology


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