May 19, 2021

Blue Carbon: The Vital Role of Oceans in Mitigating Climate Change

The oceans already play a significant role in safeguarding our planet from the impacts of climate change, absorbing 50% of greenhouse gases emitted by humans and 90% of the excess heat. They are crucial to keeping our planet healthy — and they could do even more. New carbon sequestration strategies such as carbon storage in the ocean subseafloor, macro-algae production and coastal restoration offer tremendous potential in providing blue carbon solutions. 

Join Julie Angus, CEO of Open Ocean Robotics, in conversation with three global experts about the opportunities and challenges in ocean carbon sequestration and storage:

  • Kate Moran, President and CEO, Ocean Networks Canadawill discuss ONC’s Solid Carbon project, which uses deep ocean technology powered by ocean-based wind and solar energy to inject the CO2 into the subseafloor basalt, where it will mineralize and remain permanently as rock. 

  • Bill Collins, Chair, Cascadia Seaweed, a B.C.-based leader in seaweed growth, will address the impactful role macroalgae plays in carbon storage. 

  • David Lee, Science Advisor, Carbon Direct, works with industry leaders to identify the best opportunities to meet their carbon removal goals.  Dave will provide an overview of the emerging markets for carbon and offsets, and the critical role of utilizing scientific expertise for monitoring/verification to grow the global industry.

Each speaker will provide a presentation of their innovative work followed by a moderated discussion.