What it takes: How to be successful in the ocean sector – #OceanofOpportunities Webinar Series

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a successful ocean tech company? During this week’s webinar, we will be joined by special guests Chad CollettFounder and CEO of SubC Imaging, Stephen Hale, Vice President of Rutter Inc. and  John RisleyO.C., President, Clearwater Fine Foods Inc., who will dive into what it’s like to grow an ocean technology company and the considerations for ocean entrepreneurs at various stages of growth.

About the #OceanofOpportunities webinar series
The Ocean Startup Project has launched a free webinar series that showcases regional, national and international ocean innovators and thought leaders. The #OceanofOpportunities webinar series will promote the opportunities that exist in the ocean sector and inspire people to start or grow ocean ventures in Atlantic Canada.

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  • Chad Collett

    Founder & CEO, SubC Imaging

  • Stephen Hale

    Vice President, Rutter Inc.

  • John Risley

    O.C., President, Clearwater Fine Foods Inc. & Founding Partner, CDL-Atlantic

  • Don Grant

    Executive Director, Ocean Startup Project

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