What is the Ocean Supercluster (OSC)?

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is an industry-led and government-supported partnership committed to growing Canada’s position as the leader in the global ocean economy.

What is the opportunity for Canada?

Canada has among the most abundant ocean resources and capabilities in the world and the global ocean economy is projected to at least double in size within the next 12 years. This presents a tremendous opportunity for Canada to emerge as a global leader.

What will the OSC achieve?

By improving the competitiveness of our ocean industries, the Ocean Supercluster will ensure Canada is positioned to lead and benefit from the growth of emerging ocean sectors like marine renewable energy, offshore aquaculture, ocean frontier oil and gas, and marine bio-resources; while established sectors like wild fishery, shipping, ship building, maritime defence, and offshore oil and gas will be transformed into digitally-driven, sustainable sources of new economic and social value.  

What is the value for industry?

The OSC will create a strong network of members that will attract and develop talent in the region and country, and improve international linkages to ocean companies and innovators. For Canadian ocean companies, that means more skilled workers, corporate learning opportunities, greater access to global markets, and improved commercial outcomes.

What is the difference between a program and a project?

A program is a broader thematic area of opportunity that has been identified under which specific collaborative projects will be developed by industry members. The OSC has identified a number of preliminary Technology Leadership program areas including environmental sensing and characterization, digital twinning, genomics, and application specific value chain innovations. The supercluster will continue to work with industry to develop programs. 

What is the scope of the OSC? Will companies outside of Atlantic Canada be able to participate?

The OSC is a national initiative that is committed to positioning Canada as a global leader in the knowledge-based ocean economy. All Canadian companies are welcome to become a member and participate in activities, and we are eager to build international partnerships that support sustainable ocean economic growth. 

How can companies express their interest in membership?

Companies who are interested in becoming an OSC member can express their interest using our online form

What connections will be made with other superclusters across Canada to support complementary activities?

The OSC is connected with the other four national superclusters and is committed to exploring ways to work together. Our interest is in developing the knowledge-based ocean economy through collaborative projects and working with other superclusters will be key to our success. 

Will there be a central registry where SMEs can profile their area of expertise and indicate their desire to be a partner and collaborate with other companies in the OSC?

Promoting collaboration between companies and across industries is paramount to our success. The OSC will facilitate collaboration through events, workshops, and online channels.

Where does the Ocean Supercluster get its funding from?

The OSC receives funding from the federal government’s Innovation Superclusters Initiative (ISI) program and direct industry investment. As part of the ISI program, the OSC is required to match the federal government’s contribution of $153 million with private sector investment, bringing the total investment to over $300 million. 

How does the Ocean Supercluster fund activity?

The OSC funds activities initiated by industry members, as well as capacity building projects initiated internally by members. Industry Members can bring forward collaborative Technology Leadership projects for OSC approval that can be matched up to 1:1 with federal funding. Capacity building projects to enhance resources, connections, and market opportunities are funded through the OSC's Innovation Ecosystem pillar.

How will federal matching funds be determined for projects?

As part of the OSC governance model, a selection committee will be responsible for making decisions related to the funding of projects, with oversight from the board of directors.

Will the OSC invest in infrastructure if there are clear gaps?

The focus of the Innovation Ecosystem pillar of the OSC is building capacity in key areas, including access to resources and infrastructure. If there are clear gaps, there may be opportunities for the OSC to support the creation of new infrastructure. 

Is a list of members at each investment level publicly available?

After membership onboarding is complete, a list of members will be made available on our website.

Will ocean-related data generated through the OSC be publicly available?

Data sharing and IP protection will be an integral part of technology leadership projects. The companies collaborating on projects will determine how this information is managed and shared. In some cases, this will mean that data becomes available to all OSC members; however, it will also mean that for competitive and commercial reasons, data may not always be shared. 

What happens after five years?

If the OSC is successful, it will generate enough return on investment and business impact to continue to operate as a vital engine of economic growth at the conclusion of its first five years.

I'm interested in becoming a member.

For additional information on membership, download our membership FAQ document.