Future of Transport


Greener Marine Shipping is the Future of Transport

With significant investment in place in shipbuilding through the National Shipbuilding strategy, there is also significant economic opportunity in decarbonization solutions for industry as commercial entities increasingly look at marine shipping as a part of their emissions reduction plans.

The OSC’s matching investments with industry in solutions across a number of projects including vessel coatings, electrification, and renewable diesel to address the decarbonization of shipping. To achieve increased supply chain resilience, there will need to be large investments in port infrastructure including their ability to support new technologies in ships and operational effectiveness.

Through Ambition 2035, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is hosting focused roundtable discussions, convening key stakeholders, and helping build partnerships to deliver projects and solutions critical to shaping and greening the future of marine transport. Learn more about Ambition 2035 next steps here.


The OSC is advancing technology and innovation to help advance current opportunities for Canada in the future of transport on the path to a net zero future. The following are examples of OSC projects in this area:

Learn more about the OSC’s complete project portfolio here.