Canada’s Ocean Supercluster includes over 275 industry and associate members across 13 ocean industries across the country who are committed to working together to answer the call for sustainable ocean growth. Our members have a shared interest in solving ocean challenges, developing, attracting and retaining talent, improving supply chain opportunities, doubling the number ocean tech start-ups to strengthen the innovation ecosystem, and growing Canada’s ocean economy in a way that has never been done before.

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Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is a transformative cluster model that is driving cross-sectoral collaboration, accelerating innovation, activating game-changing projects, and advancing Canada’s position as a global leader in ocean. We are industry-led and comprised of both industry and associate members:

Industry members are private sector firms who make a cash investment. These members include the fishery, aquaculture, offshore resources, shipping, defense, marine renewables, marine bio-products and ocean technology. They develop Technology Leadership Projects, leverage their investment with matched funds from the supercluster, while also supporting Innovation Ecosystem activities.

Associate members include private sector firms, not-for-profit corporations, indigenous organizations, post-secondary institutions, and other organizations with an interest in ocean innovation. And, they can develop, make-in kind investments, and participate in Technology Leadership Projects and Innovation Ecosystem activities.

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