A Connected Ocean Network – Changing the Way Ocean Business is Done

With members from coast-to-coast-to-coast, the OSC is bringing together a network across different ocean sectors and regions who, in many cases, have never worked together before. With thousands of attendees engaged in events, 300 partners engaged across the OSC project portfolio close to 100 new ocean companies supported, Canada’s ocean network has never been more connected. Creating a space for networking and matchmaking, idea-sharing and pitching, capabilities building and skills development, and cross-promotion of activities, the OSC hosts regular events, webinars, and training opportunities for its members. For upcoming events, visit the event calendar here.

Through Ambition 2035, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is hosting focused roundtable discussions, convening key stakeholders, and helping build partnerships to deliver projects and solutions critical to helping address some of the world’s biggest challenges and building the robust innovation ecosystem needed to support it. Learn more about Ambition 2035 next steps here.

Canada’s Ocean Asset Map

Rich in ocean resources and boundless potential, Canada’s ocean capabilities run deep. Canada’s Ocean Asset Map is an evergreen tool that visually captures the breadth of world-class experience, products, and services that Canadian companies have on offer to the world. Check it out or visit the full site here.