A Deeper Dive Podcast

When we look at some of the world’s biggest challenges and where Canada has significant opportunities, ocean is not only a space we know, it’s a space we can lead. The OSC is inviting those who participate in the ocean economy and all those interested in it to take a deeper dive into some incredible and innovative ocean projects underway in Canada and the people making it happen. The bi-weekly podcast will feature a variety of hosts from the OSC team as we move from each episode to the next with guests from announced Ocean Supercluster projects, allowing us to check in with them and hear about the challenges they are solving and the work they are doing to help drive sustainable, digital and inclusive growth in ocean.

Episode 15 –

The Rutter Internet of Things Project offers remote monitoring as a managed service with specialty radar system data acquisition, and cloud-based storage and analytics to Canada’s offshore industries.

Hear about this innovative technology with OSC’s Jakub Skrzypczyk and Stephen Hale, VP at Rutter in episode 15 of A Deeper Dive:

Episode 14 – The Tallybot Project aims to be one of the first in the world to embed AI into seafood production and traceability software.

Hear about this innovative solution with OSC’s Max Flinn and Eric Enno Tam, CEO & Co-founder of ThisFish Inc. in episode 14 of A Deeper Dive:

Episode 13 – The Marine SAR Helicopter Mission Simulation Project is better preparing search and rescue (SAR) personnel to operate in Canada’s harsh environmental conditions.

Hear about this innovative solution with OSC’s Suvro Burman and Stephen Lenser, Senior Director of Systems Engineering at Bluedrop Training and Simulation in episode 13 of A Deeper Dive.

Episode 12 – The Inclusive Workforce For Arctic Ocean Technology Project develops technical skills training for Inuit participants across Inuit Nunangat.

Hear from Carolann Harding and Gillian Davidge of project lead, SmartICE, in episode 12 of #ADeeperDive

Episode 11 – The Smart Protective Coatings Project is developing the world’s most sustainable marine coating.

Hear about this cutting-edge innovation with OSC’s Cassidy Walker and Mo AlGermozi, co-founder and CEO of Graphite Innovation and Technologies in episode 11 of A Deeper Dive.

Episode 10 – The demand for digital collaboration tools continues to grow in the ocean economy. The past year and the confines of the global pandemic have only amplified that need.

Hear from the OSC’s Nichola Anderson and Adam Keating, CEO and Co-founder of CoLab Software, about the CoLab Enterprise project.

Episode 09 -The OSC recently launched the Ocean Leaders impact Program (OLIP) focused on developing new mentorship opportunities and building on the experienced talent pool in Canada’s ocean economy.

Hear from OSC’s Melissa O’Rourke and Sherry Scully from SES Workforce Research & Consulting about the OLIP and the talent gaps, challenges, and needs in the ocean sector.

Episode 08 – The Ocean Supercluster’s first Alberta-led project, Project ORCA is introducing a lower carbon fuel to Canada’s ocean sector.

Hosted by OSC’s Nancy Andrews, with guest Craig Latimer, this episode dives into the latest on the Project ORCA.

Episode 07 -The OceanDNA System Project is revolutionizing how we assess, monitor, and categorize the ocean.
Hosted by OSC’s Corey Kirkhus, with guest Nicole Fahner from eDNAtec, this episode dives into the latest with the project.

Episode 06 – “Better data means better decisions.”
Hosted by OSC’s Diane Hollman, hear from Matthew Kowalczyk and Michael Huskilson from the XO-G2 Project about the next generation of uncrewed service vessels in this episode of A Deeper Dive.

Episode 05 – The Ocean Startup Project is a first-of-its-kind collaboration set out to make Canada the best place to start and grow an ocean business.

Hosted by OSC’s Rob Barton, with guest Don Grant, this episode dives into the latest on the Ocean Startup Project.

Episode 04 – The OceanVision Project was the OSC’s very first project and has since achieved some exciting milestones as they develop new technologies for high resolution seafloor imaging & mapping, and drawing significant interest globally.

Hosted by OSC’s Andy Stone, with guest David Shea, this episode dives into the latest on the OceanVision Project.

Episode 03: The Ocean Allies Project was designed to access, engage, and support a diverse ocean economy through targeted strategic activities.
Hosted by OSC’s Melissa O’Rourke, with guest Kes Morton, this episode dives into the latest on the Ocean Allies Project.

Episode 02 – Ocean Aware Project is the largest OSC project announced to date. It’s a collaboration across sectors and regions that will provide innovative solutions for monitoring fish movement, fish health, and the environment.

Hosted by OSC’s Ogaga Johnson, this episode of “A Deeper Dive” checks in with Amy Brookman of the Ocean Aware project.

Episode 01 – As we launch our new podcast, Max Flinn, Project Analyst at the OSC chats with Chief Technology Officer, Susan Hunt on what’s to come on “A Deeper Dive.”