In the face of unprecedented environmental challenges, the global community stands at a critical juncture. The undeniable impacts of climate change have underscored the urgency of finding innovative and impactful solutions will have an impact on our planet, people, and economy. As we navigate these complex times, we recognize the power of collective action and the potential for groundbreaking ideas to shape the trajectory of our planet. Canada’s Ocean Supercluster’s Call for Proposals is dedicated to identifying, supporting, and amplifying projects that offer tangible and scalable commercial approaches to address the multifaceted aspects of climate change. 

The program welcomes applications from the following themes:

  • Developing safe and responsible solutions for ocean-based carbon capture and sequestration, carbon monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV), durable carbon storage, and reducing ocean acidification; 
  • Ocean bioresource development including viable processes to scale, de-risk and de-cost the production of algae, seaweed and other new and emerging ocean-based resources and ingredients; 
  • Global ocean observation capabilities through affordable, scalable, connected and high-performing ocean robots and sensing platforms that can deliver greater utility across traditional and emerging applications. 
  • Innovative finance, insurance, marketplaces, or computational modelling products and services that enable the growth of ocean-climate solution technologies.   

Additional commercial concepts include: 

  • Human adaptation: Intentional and strategic adjustments to infrastructure and societal systems to effectively cope with and thrive amidst the changing environmental conditions and risks posed by a warming planet; 
  • Coastal resiliency: implementing proactive measures to fortify and protect coastal communities and ecosystems against the escalating threats of rising sea levels and extreme weather events; and 
  • Marine Decarbonization: a comprehensive suite of products, processes and systems to significantly reduce carbon emissions across various maritime sectors, aiming to shift dependency and embrace cleaner, renewable energy sources. 

Ocean Climate Solutions Program Webinar

EOI Deadline:

The deadline for the Ocean Climate Solutions Program December 6th, 2023, 8PM Atlantic | 7PM Eastern | 4PM Pacific.

The application process is now open. See the Program Guidelines for details: