Ocean Supercluster Collaboration Event: A Recap

On Tuesday March 26th, over 450 stakeholders from across Canada came together to: learn about the value of becoming an Ocean Supercluster member, discuss ecosystem building opportunities, increase their understanding about how to initiate and develop collaborative technology leadership projects, and most importantly highlight the urgency of Canada’s ocean opportunity.

Thank you again to our event sponsors, Air Canada and Emergence Incubator!
Thank you to our partners who shared Virtual Reality experiences during the event, InnovaSeaOcean School and Invest in Canada!

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“I believe what we are trying to do is different and it is truly important to the future of our region and to our country. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”
– Kendra MacDonald, Ocean Supercluster

“It’s not ‘a’ Supercluster or ‘the’ Supercluster; it’s ‘our’ Supercluster”
– Dave Shea, Kraken

“My presentation at the event gave GIT good visibility…we had a very productive day and were able to schedule 5 meetings with big industry players.”
– Mo AlGermozi, CEO of Graphite Innovation and Technologies


Q. Will the app be available after the event? 
A.YES! The app will remain available until a permanent solution has been developed, at which time the information you’ve provided in the interim will be transitioned, so keep those connections going, upload a profile or a video to your existing profile!

Q. Are members investing in specific projects, or the pool of all projects in the Supercluster? 
A. Members are investing in the collaborative projects that they choose to initiate and/or invest in, not a pool of all projects.

Q. Great event and Seminar, curious to know of the attendees here today, what percent represent a) industry and b) startup companies?
A. Industry: 38%
Startups/SMEs: 15%
Researchers: 13%
Community Partners: 19%
Government: 15%

Q. Are projects outside of the highlighted area welcome or open for consideration?
A. Any project that contributes to the growth of Canada’s ocean economy and meets the project criteria may be eligible, please reach out to the OSC, we would be pleased to discuss your idea.