On The Job

Exploring Ocean Careers in Canada!

#OntheJob with Shawn Kanungo 

Get ready to join us on an epic adventure as we team up with Shawn Kanungo and some of our incredible member companies to bring you an exciting new video series that provides an inside look at the many different kinds of jobs in Canada’s sustainable ocean economy. 

Virtual Marine

Ready player one 🎮🌊 Think your gaming skills are just a hobby? Try again! Shawn Kanungo and Courtney are #OnTheJob to test their skills at Virtual Marine! Join us in St. John’s, Newfoundland, to see how gaming EXP can unlock real-world opportunities in ocean! 

What’s the Buzz? 🚀

Canada’s ocean sector is ready for transformational growth! This comes with opportunities for jobs in research, technology, production, operations, engineering, business development and many other roles to support the momentum building in existing and emerging industries in the sustainable development of our ocean economy. 

Join the Wave of Momentum 🌟

Canada is an ocean nation, with a deep history in maritime activity and an even more exciting ocean future ahead. Through Ambition 2035, there is a 5X growth potential for Canada in ocean by 2035. Want to learn more about Canada’s ocean sector, its potential for growth, and learn how to get involved? Visit oceansupercluster.ca 

The Ocean is Calling 💙

Ready to dive in? Watch our #OntheJob series, get inspired, and see how you can be part of Canada’s ocean potential. The ocean is calling and it’s an adventure you don’t want to miss. 

Want More Info on Ocean Careers? 

The OSC Career Hub is a searchable database of 600+ ocean opportunities that include job boards, youth opportunities, career events, career profiles, education, and internships by province or remote locations. Check it out and follow our social channels! 

If you have an additional resource to add, please email contact@oceansupercluster.ca to have it included in our OSC Career Hub.