CORVUS – Field Validation of Energy Storage System Project

Projet de validation d’un système de stockage de l’énergie

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster Announces $4.15M Field Validation of Energy Storage System Project

One of Three Accelerated Ocean Solutions Program Projects Announced on Feb. 17

On Feb. 17, 2021, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announced three new projects with a total value of $12 million from its Accelerated Ocean Solutions Program (AOSP) stream. Led from British Columbia, the new $4.15 million Field Validation of Energy Storage System Project will introduce a novel battery-based Energy Storage Systems (ESS) suited to larger marine vessels to achieve significant greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions in Canada and worldwide. Additionally, the project will benefit Canadians by creating 23 jobs with the potential for 115 indirect jobs and new economic activity, helping grow the ocean economy in a digital, sustainable, and inclusive way.

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Batteries are increasingly deployed on vessels to help meet ambitious GHG emissions reduction targets, but to date, batteries have not been a viable solution for larger vessels needing extended periods at zero emissions. Corvus Energy is developing an energy-dense multi-megawatt hour battery-based ESS to fill the market void and bring ESS to marine industries.

The Field Validation of Energy Storage System Project, led by Corvus Energy with its partners Seaspan Ferries, VARD Marine, BC Hydro, and UBC will conduct a commercial study and field trial of the new Corvus ESS that will support the development of the system and bring it to market. Canada’s Ocean Supercluster will provide $2 million in funding for the project, with $2.15 million coming from industry partners.

Seaspan Ferries, who is providing both cash and in-kind support for the project, represents an end-user customer and will operate the ESS on a cargo ferry which will result in emissions reductions and lower operating costs. BC Hydro will collaborate by learning more about the shore charging demands that battery-powered vessels will place on the grid and investigate demand management opportunities, and UBC will have personnel supporting the project through the development and provision of methodologies for measuring emissions.

A worldwide movement is taking place to electrify marine vessels using batteries. The Field Validation of Energy Storage System Project will enable Corvus and its partners to be first movers in the supply chain for energy storage on board large vessels such as cruise ships, Ro-Pax and Ro-Ro ferries, and merchant cargo vessels, reaffirming their market leadership and boosting Canadian exports as global leaders in GHG reduction.


“The Ocean Supercluster is changing the way business is done and positioning Canada as a global leader in the ocean economy. Through innovative projects like the ones announced today, Canada’s Superclusters are clearly succeeding in fostering stronger connections across the innovation ecosystem and creating real benefits for Canadians.” The Honourable Bernadette Jordan, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

“It’s on our ocean where some of the biggest opportunity to address climate change and generate economic value exist. This newest Ocean Supercluster project is led from BC with a total value of more than $4 million and will answer the call for viable solutions to electrify larger marine vessels. This project will see the creation of 23 new jobs and the potential for 115 indirect jobs over the life of the project.” Kendra MacDonald, CEO, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

“We call this new battery system Blue Whale, because it will be deployed with massive energy storage capacity to allow longer durations of zero-emission operation. Its unique rack-free modular stacking design and compact cell packaging help achieve the industry’s highest energy density, but also pose interesting challenges for materials handling and installation. We are extremely grateful for OSC funding to be able to validate our installation procedures in addition to ESS performance prior to commercial product release.” Sean Puchalski, EVP Strategy & Business Planning

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