Sustainable Seafood


Canada’s seafood sector can double by 2040.

With a rapidly growing global population, the demand for protein – and in particular, seafood – is also growing. In 2019, the value of the seafood sector in Canada was $8 billion. An ambition to grow the sector by 2035 to $25 billion will largely be driven by sustainable aquaculture and wild fisheries, as well as emerging markets such as seaweed and fish alternatives including circular economy solutions from the ocean that will contribute to this growth.

Through Ambition 2035, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is convening a national Blue Bioeconomy Steering Committee which will deliver a public discussion paper to help define the opportunity for Canada, identify the greatest strengths and growth potential, and approaches for consideration. In addition to this effort, the OSC is convening key stakeholders and helping build partnerships to deliver projects and solutions critical to Canada achieving its full potential in sustainable seafood. Learn more about Ambition 2035 next steps here.


The OSC is advancing technology and innovation to help advance current opportunities for Canada in sustainable seafood, knowing much of the demand for protein from the world’s growing population will come from the ocean. The following are examples of OSC projects in this area:

Learn more about the OSC’s complete project portfolio here.