The ocean economy is a space of immense opportunity. 

Opportunity in growth. Opportunity in Ocean solutions. Opportunity in Ocean technologies. Opportunity in Workforce Development and Talent. Canada’s Ocean Supercluster recognizes the talent potential and diversity that will be required to champion and propel the ocean economy forward.  

To address this, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster Talent Strategy promotes the establishment of a talent pool, and the accelerated development of a robust, diverse, and workforce-ready talent pipeline with a skillset that allows them to participate, scale, and lead in the ocean economy. The Talent Strategy positions the OSC as a catalyst and a hub, effectively bringing together the many established workforce spokes that exist for talent recruitment, management, training and development in the blue and green economies to identify and support the growth of the ocean workforce.  

Through Ambition 2035, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is working toward building awareness, and creating pathways, for inclusive talent development, attraction, and retention in the ocean economy. One way OSC is accomplishing this is through a youth national benchmarking survey on perceptions, engagements, and intentions in the ocean sector. The “Pathways to Careers in the Ocean Industry” survey will provide information that will be compiled to fill gaps in knowledge, and to inform recommendations for solutions to growing and diversifying Canada’s ocean sector workforce. Are you 18-35 and live in Canada? You can contribute to this important foundational research project by completing the survey here 

The OSC is additionally hosting focused roundtable discussions, convening key stakeholders, and helping build partnerships to deliver projects and solutions critical to help identify gaps, build skills, and support the growth of Canadian ocean companies with the workforce they need. Learn more about Ambition 2035 next steps here. 

Another step OSC has undertaken to contribute to growth in the ocean talent space is the launch of the OSC Career Hub database. This database has been developed from research and reporting on 640+ blue economy career training initiatives across Canada and aims to help find and utilize career resources in oceans. By mapping talent related initiatives, heightening their visibility, and utilizing them as building blocks for next steps, pan-Canadian connectivity is better supported, communication and collaboration are encouraged and the talent space for the ocean industry can grow and thrive.  This approach leverages the voices of existing blue economy stakeholders, ensures current programming is utilized, and innovative ways to address talent in the ocean economy are championed.  

Ongoing identification of opportunities to work cross-collaboratively are maximized through membership surveys, in-house and Canadian talent reports, and our commitment to building pan-Canadian and international relationships. By continuing to build trusting and collaborative partnerships with blue economy stakeholders, there is a collective contribution to the vision of a workforce that is diverse and inclusive, and supports projected sectoral growth. 

OSC Career Hub

Curious about how to get started in Ocean Careers?

The OSC Career Hub is a searchable database of 600+ ocean opportunities that include job boards, youth opportunities, career events, career profiles, education, and internships by province or remote locations. 

If you have an additional resource to add, please email contact@oceansupercluster.ca to have it included in our OSC Career Hub.

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is looking to hear from youth and young workers (18-35) about their perceptions of careers in the ocean industry. The ocean industry needs skilled and engaged workers to advance quickly in a growing economy. Take the survey to share your insights on the ocean industry and career pathways.

See What’s Happening in Talent

The Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) offers an immersive youth internship program, along with learning resources and workshops to help build the ocean workforce.

ECOP- The Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP) Network program offers internship and mentoring programs for those early in their career in ocean-related work.

Imagine Marine is a marine careers awareness portal aimed at young people and new career seekers.

Ocean Allies provides a mentorship program for diverse talent to connect and also offers DEI resources and training.

Oceans Advance offers mentoring, internships and a careers immersion program that help ensure a workforce-ready blue economy talent pool.

The Pier offers Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities, including the Green Pathways Challenge, and skills development work.

The Association of British Marine Industries (ABCMI) provides a career pathway portal to help newcomers, women, Indigenous and youth to find a place in the ocean sector.

The Ocean Technology Council of Nova Scotia (OCTNS) highlights potential careers in the blue economy by exploring career snapshots of in-demand jobs for jobseekers.

Students On Ice Foundation (SOI) provides the PORT employment portal that showcases innovative training, internships, job board and upskilling initiatives for youth ages 18-30.

Ocean Wise connects youth to ocean pathways through its part-time bridging program and Ocean Pathways immersive program to help career seekers gain experience.

DeepSense provides the STEM Connector mentorship program for post-secondary STEM students to connect with industry professionals to further their professional development.

Eco Canada provides employment programs, a job board, and training opportunities for environmental professionals in Canada.

Huntsman Marine Science Centre offers multiple education programs and hands-on learning opportunities for young students interested in ocean experience.

Ocean Frontier Institute has partnered with the National Film Board of Canada to create OFI’s Ocean School, a free immersive educational experience for youth.


The OSC is partnering with its members across Canada through Ecosystem and Growth Projects and Activities to help build the ocean talent pipeline in Canada. The following are examples of OSC projects in this area:

Learn more about the OSC’s complete project portfolio here.