Update from OSC – COVID-19 Measures

As COVID-19 cases grow in Canada, it’s more important than ever that we all take the necessary steps to slow the spread of the virus in our communities. The most consistent advice we have been given tells us unless you are an essential worker, stay home. With this comes a different way of doing our work, sharing information, and providing opportunities for collaboration.

Our team is working virtually, has ceased travel for business, and taking the steps necessary to stay healthy and safe. We are actively working with projects to support their continued advancement in addition to readying new projects and supporting them through the approval process. We are adjusting as best we can to keep things moving forward and will continue to explore every opportunity.

Sharing information, facilitating collaboration, and building solutions to shared ocean challenges is at the heart of what Canada’s Ocean Supercluster does every day. As always, our team members are available by video, phone, and email to provide the information, guidance, and support needed by members and partners. We will bolster our digital communications tools with a dynamic new website, a monthly ocean news publication, and virtual events to share ocean opportunities. Watch for more details on these digital communications, in addition to the opportunity to participate in other virtual programs and events in the coming weeks and months.

Over the past week, the federal government has announced an economic response plan to help address some of the immediate impacts being experienced by individuals and businesses as a result of COVID-19. In addition, ISED is mobilizing resources quickly for manufacturers and businesses that can provide goods and services to help combat the virus. We will use our social media channels to share information on other new relief and funding programs as we become aware of them.

Our work to develop and deliver transformational ocean projects in Canada continues. The way we do that today looks different than it did even just a few weeks ago. We are relying more heavily on digital solutions to actively engage with members and partners and forge ahead with Ocean Supercluster projects, while also sharing information around other opportunities including those related to Canada’s COVID-19 response. Our team is here to support members and partners in whatever way we can. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

Stay healthy and safe.

Kendra MacDonald

CEO, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster