Focus Area

Technology Leadership Projects bring together investors and partners from across ocean industries to develop and commercialize innovative solutions to shared challenges, while increasing connectivity, strengthening capabilities, growing supply chain, and expanding international reach. At the heart of every Technology Leadership Project is a strong industry partnership. Some projects start from an idea that a member pitches to other potential partners. Others are born from the strong relationships that exist between OSC members. Any OSC member can initiate a project idea, and the participation of other organizations, including start-ups, and research institutions, is encouraged.

Thank you to the almost 300 attendees who joined our webinar on Developing Successful OSC Projects. With presentations from OSC senior management and close to an hour of questions and answers, we covered a lot of ground and hope the information provided helps inform the development of project proposals across all our core and accelerated programs. Did you miss the session or do you want to view the presentation again? The full event video and PowerPoint PDF can be viewed here:

How do I get started?

If you’re not already a member, complete the Expression of Interest here.

Membership options include Associate memberships that do not require an investment, and Industry memberships for companies who wish to invest in collaborative projects. Want more information? Connect with the Technology Leadership team here.