Project Portfolio

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster and Innovate UK announce $2.3M Can-UK Vessel-to-Grid Project, aimed at reducing the cost of electric-first vessels

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster and Innovate UK announce $1.2M Net-Zero BVLOS Drones for Oceans Project enabling cutting-edge drone technology in ocean monitoring

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster and Innovate UK announce $2.2M Project OASIS to monitor effectiveness of marine protected areas

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster and Innovate UK announce $2.3M Node Zero Project to develop wave powered ocean observation system

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announces $2.6M OceanAI Navigator ProjectAI-Integrated Fleet Management platform

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster Announced $3.2M AtoN Project for Safer Marine Transport

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announces $12M AI powered berth schedule management project

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announces $10.5M HydroAware Project Expanding Hydropower and Safeguard Habitats Using AI-Powered Fish Monitoring

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announces AI for Scalable Fisheries Monitoring Project

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster Announces Visual Assessment of Aquaculture Pens Project

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announces $2M Autonomous Robotic Capabilities for Aquaculture Project

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster Funds Scient Analytics Inc.’s Lithoscope Project: Next generation of multi-modal sediment characterization solution

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announces FishVue AI Platform Project Commercially Integrating AI in Fisheries Monitoring

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announces Maximizing Oyster Production through AI-Enabled Monitoring Project

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster $1.6M AI-Driven Sensors for Seaweed Measurement Project

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster Announces Enhancing Environmental DNA Through AI Project

Two-Eyed Seeing Project

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announces $1.3M Virtual Ocean Project for a more digital ocean sector

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announces $3M Fishing Smarter Not Harder Project improving conventional trawl operations

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announces $52M in new project activity to build on success in the ocean economy

Crowdsourced Wind Maps Project

Blue Mentorship And Leadership Pathways Project

BlueVita Technology Project 

Clean Ocean Advanced Biofuels Project


Coastal Incident Management System (CIMS) Project

Project Sentry

Precision Fish Harvesting Project

Ocean Solutions for Immune Boosting Project

Offshore Connected Worker Project

Crisis Intervention & Operability Analysis for Digital Ocean Operations Project

ROC Fishing System Project

Geoscan Project

Marine Safety Training Online Project

BridgeVUE Project

Real-time Bubble Diffuser Aeration Entrainment Monitor Project

Mixed Reality HydroSpark Project

Unmanned Digital Twinning Project

Split PM Hybrid Propulsion Motor Project

Sustainable Protein For Aquaculture Project

Mobile and Mixed Reality Virtual Technician and Maintenance Software Project

Port Integration and Enhancement of Data Project

Fishless Marine Microbial Fish Oil Project

Autonomous COMPASS Project – Projet COMPASS autonome

Integrated Operations and Real-Time Analytics Project

CORVUS – Field Validation of Energy Storage System Project

RBR Advancing Smart Integrated Ocean Sensors

Project Orca – Projet ORCA

Digital Offshore Canada – Zones extracôtières numérique du Canada

Miniaturized Sonar Transducers Project

Ocean Energy Smart Grid Integration Project

Automated Pipeline Payload for Small AUVs Project

Tallybot Project: Artificial Intelligence for Next Generation Seafood Processing

Digital Ship In-Service Support Project

Rutter IoT Project

Blue Futures Pathways Project

Le Projet Cloud Caris Technology (Technologie Infonuagique CARIS)

Caris Cloud Technology Project

Smart Protective Coatings Project

XOCEAN XO-G2 Project

Cluster Building Ocean Allies Project

Cluster Building Vitality Project

Marine SAR Helicopter Mission Simulation Project

CoLab Enterprise Project

Inclusive Workforce For Arctic Ocean Technology Project

Indigenous Career Pivot Project

OceanDNA System™

Ocean Aware Project

Ocean Vision Project

Ocean Startup Project