Senior Leadership Team

Kendra MacDonald
Chief Executive Officer
Jennifer Laplante
Chief Growth and Investment Officer
Nancy Andrews
Chief Engagement and Communications Officer
Meagan Halverson
Vice President of Operations

OSC Team

Colleen Menard
Technology Leadership Program Manager
Danielle Babstock
Project Finance Lead
Danielle Gosse
Accounting Administrator
Ellie Speck
Executive Assistant & Events Coordinator
Jakub Skrzypczyk
Manager of Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement
Janelle Caballero
Director, Cluster Workforce Growth
Audrey Lapenna
Technology Leadership Program Manager
Beverly Nowotczynski
Office Manager
Rhythm Malkan
Communications Coordinator
Max Flinn
Project Coordinator
Paddy Moore
Creative Director
Tamzin Gillis
Director, Contracting & Legal Counsel
Shaelyn Ramos
Project Analyst
Suvro Burman
Project Analyst
Shafiq Manji
Director, Intellectual Property & Data Management
Ralph Eldridge
Indigenous Engagement Manager
Melissa Feaver
Cluster Workforce Growth Coordinator
Raelene Kennedy
Director of Finance
Rupinder Kaur
IT Lead & Business Analyst
Jess Hartjes
Creative Content Lead
Lindsay Zyta
Human Resource Manager
Hisham M. Shabbo
Director of Program Delivery
Jasmin Lawas
Project Accountant
Veronica Sun
AI Ambassador in Residence
Chloe Kerton
Co-op Student Project Accountant
Daniela Seiferling
Engagement Lead
MaFe Navarro
Growth Program Lead